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Only Panasonic offers this unique combination of features when a Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid System is digitally integrated with a Panasonic Voice Processing System

Live Call Screening > Two-Way Record > Automatic Configuration > Two-Way Transfer > Intercom Paging > Remote Live Call Screening > Direct Mailbox Access

60 Mail Boxes
4 Ports
7.5 Hrs. Storage Time
Fully Digital
Warranty: 1 yr.asasasasasasasasasasasa

60 Mail Boxes
2 Ports
7.5 Hrs. Storage Time
Fully Digital
Warranty: 1 yr.asasasasasasasasasasasa

1024 Mail Boxes
8 Ports
32 Hrs. Storage Time
Fully Digital
Warranty: 1 yr.asasasasasasasasasasasa

Live Call Screening
Allows you to monitor your incoming calls while they are being recorded into your mailbox and, if desired, intercept the call. You can choose to hear your calls either through your telephone's speaker or, for privacy, through the handset.

Remote Live Call Screening
The KX-TVS200 gives you the freedom to monitor your calls from the handset of any cordless phone whenever you must leave your work station. You choose whether to pick up the call or let it go to your mailbox.

Two-Way Record
Allows the recording of a conversation (or any part of a conversation) simply by pressing a button on your telephone. This feature is ideal for quickly and accurately capturing important or highly detailed information from a caller. Once recorded, you can transfer the content to your secretary or another mailbox. Convenient fast-forward and rewind functions make it easy to listen to and transcribe the recording.

Two-Way Transfer
Allows you to record a live conversation directly into another person's mailbox.

Intercom Paging
Notifies you of an incoming call even if your extension is unanswered. The system will put the caller on hold, and use an internal or external paging function to announce "I have a call for..." You can answer the call from anywhere in your facility by just dialing a pick-up code from any system phone.

Direct Mailbox Access
Mailbox owners can retrieve new messages simply by pressing the Message Waiting button; no confusing log-in codes are required.

Automatic Configuration
Installation and interconnection are fast, easy, and cost-efficient. Upon start-up, a Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid System will automatically exchange information with the KX-TVS200 Voice Processing to automate most of the programming parameters.

Fax Detection
When a port receives a fax call (and a CNG tone is detected), the system will automatically transfer the call to the designated fax extension. This eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line.

Great Features for Efficient Message Management

Group Delivery
Provides an easy way to send messages and general announcements to multiple mailboxes, using a specific group designation or personal distribution list.

Message Transfer
Messages can be transferred to one or multiple mailboxes immediately after you've listened to them.

Night Service
You can vary the greeting a caller hears, and the options he's offered, according to the time of day

Voice Prompts
Most system prompts can be recorded in your own voice, allowing the system to be customized to meet your needs.

System Reports
Eight different reports can be generated to help monitor the system's operating status.
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