Panasonic KX-TAW848 Phone System
(Model # KX-TAW848)

The KX-TAW848 main unit is initially configured with 4 hybrid extension ports and 4 loop start CO ports (1 LCOT card). The phone system is expandable to 8 COs and 24 wired extension ports (28 by parallel connecting 4 analog stations to the hybrid card) and 28 wireless handsets.
• Multi-Call wireless
• Toll restriction
• Automatic route selection (ARS)
• Caller ID ANI and CNIP
• Voice mail integration
• Direct inward system access (DISA)
• MOH port
• Paging port
• RS232 port for SMDR
• USB port
• SD storage card included
• Powerfail operation: Ports 1 and 2 of the pre-installed CO card are connected to ports 1 and 2 of the pre-installed station card for use by SLT (single line telephones)
• The PBX supports all of the following Panasonic phones
? KX-T7000 series:
? Analog proprietary telephones (e.g., KX-T7730)
? Portable stations (e.g., KX-TD7690)
? DSS consoles (e.g., KX-T7740)
• PC-Based programming option requirements
? Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
? CPU: 133 MHz Intel Pentium or faster
? RAM: At least 64 MB of available RAM (128 MB recommended)
? Hard disk space: At least 100 MB of space for the installation, and approximately 2 MB of additional space for user files
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