Panasonic KX-TA824 Phone System
(Model # KX-TAW848)

Like the KX-TA624 it is replacing, the KX-TA824 is a hybrid design allowing you to connect either Panasonic proprietary telephones or single-line devices such as standard telephones, fax machines or modems to any station port in the system, without special hardware.

It is the first Panasonic KX-T business phone system to offer internal voicemail, and a total of three voicemail options:

1 Interface with phone company-based voice mail services. Each outside line can be assigned its own voice mailbox.

2 Optional internal 2-port message card (KX-TA82492), which provides up to 60 minutes of recording time. This affordable solution provides each phone with a personal mailbox that can be customized to greet callers. When a message is left, the message light on a Panasonic proprietary telephone will be activated and the message can easily be played by pressing the message button. With this internal voicemail, no phone ports are sacrificed.

3 If you require a more fully featured voice mail system with a built-in auto attendant the KX-TA824 can be connected to a Panasonic voice processing system, such as the KX-TVS50 or KX-TVA50, using APITS integration.

Out of the box, the KX-TA824 supports three outside lines and eight phones (3X8 configuration). Up to two additional circuit boards can be installed, for a maximum system capacity of eight lines and 24 phones. The 8 x 24 size has previously been available in Panasonic VA and VB systems, but not KX-T.

The system has a built-in three-level auto attendant (DISA), making it easer to find a person or department, and saving money and installation time. Voice quality is extremely good.

In addition to passing Caller ID name and number to a Panasonic proprietary telephone, the KX-TA824 can also pass Caller ID to single-line telephones or fax machines. The system has sockets for up to three miniature 3-line Caller ID cards. The first card is a FREEBIE, pre-installed at the factory

You can program the 824 with a display phone, with a PC through either serial (DB9) or USB ports, or remotely by PC through the system's built-in remote programming modem. The system's programming can be saved on a PC for backup and restore.

The USB and serial ports can be live at the same time, permitting simultaneous programming, and logging for call accounting.

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