Communications flexibility is essential in order to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing business climate.

Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid Systems provide the power, flexibility, and expansion capability to fully accommodate your growing business. Designed with outstanding, time-saving features that are easy to use, the Panasonic systems are versatile and future-ready.

Both Super Hybrid Systems support analog proprietary phones, single-line devices such as a fax or modem and/or the family of Panasonic 7200 series digital phones, without the need to buy extra adaptors, cards or modules. Voice mail ports facilitate integration with a Voice Processing System, and both systems are equipped with the unique
XDP capability for unprecedented flexibility and expansion power.

The KX-TD816 is initially configured for 4 CO lines and 8 digital proprietary phones plus up to 8 single-line devices. Expansion cartridges increase this capacity to 8 CO lines and 16 digital proprietary phones plus up to 16 single-line devices.

The KX-TD1232 system is initially configured for 8 CO lines and 16 digital proprietary phones, plus up to 16 singleline devices. A single cabinet KX-TD1232 system is expandable to 12 C0 lines and 32 digital proprietary phones plus up to 32 single-line devices. Connectlng a second KX-TD1232 cabinet can increase the expansion capacity to a maximum of 24 CO lines and 64 digital proprietary phones plus up to 64 single-line devices.
  Enhanced Caller ID* Compatibility**
Displays the incoming caller's phone number, or name and number, when used with a Panasonic system display phone. The system can also provide a Caller ID Call Log with Callback capability for answered or unanswered calls.
*Requires subscription to Call identification service offered by certain telephone companies for a fee
** Feature requires optional card(s)

Uniform Call Distribution
The Super Hybrid can systematically distribute incoming calls to a group of operators or agents, and provide outside callers with an outgoing message* when all members of the group are busy.
*Feature requires an optional card

Log-ln/Log-out Button
A Log-in/Log-out button may be assigned so that members of a UCD, Ring or Hunt Group may temporarily remove themselves from the Group, to complete other tasks before taking another call.

SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording)
By connecting a printer to the system, or by attaching a call accounting system, you can obtain records of calls. Know who called where, when and for how long.

Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
The Super Hybrid System can help reduce long distance costs by automatically routing calls to the most cost-efficient* long distance carrier within your network.
*Based on pre programmed time of day, day of week and call destination tables

Toll Restriction
The Super Hybrid System can be programmed to prohibit unauthorized outgoing long distance calls by restricting certain extensions from accessing specified area codes/exchange codes.

PA System Connection
The system can connect to an amplifier and Public Address speakers for announcements in locations where there are no phones or in high-noise areas

Call Forwarding Versatility
Incoming, as well as transferred calls to your extension can be forwarded when you are on the phone or away from your desk. Calls can be directed to your mailbox, to another phone, or even outside your office. "Follow-me" programming allows you to remotely set Call Forwarding from another phone within your organization.

Trunk Answer From Any Station
Sends ringing from outside calls through the external paging system, allowing CO calls to be answered from any station in the Voice Processing System Integration When Digitally Integrated with the Panasonic Voice Processing System both KX-TD816 and KX-TD1232 offer revolutionary unique features such as:
  • Live Call Screening allows you to monitor your mailbox while messages are being left, and if desired intercept the call.

  • Remote Live Call Screening lets you screen your calls remotely from the handset of a cordless phone. Pick up the call or let it go to your mailbox.

  • Two-Way Record allows recording of two-way conversation.

  • Two-Way Transfer records an existing conversation into another persons mailbox.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
With the optional DISA card, the KX-TD1232 system will provide a simplified "auto attendant" feature with up to 64 secs of outgoing message time.

Distinctive Ringing
You can program up to 8 different ring sounds for the digital phones, giving phones in different areas a distinctive ring, or distinguishing the door intercom from ordinary ringing.

Back-up Operator
When the operator or other staff are unable to answer the incoming call, the optional DISA card can provide an outgoing message after a designated number of rings.

Ring Group Transfer
Allows calls answered by an operator, automated attendant, or any extension to be transferred to a group of phones, ringing them simultaneously.

PC Based Programming
Programming via an IBM compatible computer makes administration of the KX-TD816/TD1232 simple and efficient. Optional PC software is required System programming data can be stored on a floppy disk for back-up.

Night Service
The "Day" and "Night" mode feature can be used to change system functions according to the time. For example, to designate which phones ring on incoming calls after hours.

Phantom Extensions
For call-routing flexibility, you can assign an extension number to several phones. So all phones ring simultane
ously when dialed.

  No Special Adaptors. No additional Programming. No Special circuit cards.
No costly rewiring.

XDP instantly provides you with a separate extension, so you can use both communication devices simultaneously Fax a document while talking on the telephone Have a phone conversation while transferring a data file from your PC to another PC Each desktop in your office can be customized to the communications requirements of the individual station user XDP gives your communications speed, flexibility and mobility to help you run your business more efficiently.

Extra Device Port Applications:
  • Facsimile Machine
  • Single Line Telephone
  • Computer Modem
  • Cordless Phone
  • Answering Machine
  • Fax/Data Modem
  • Credit Card Verifier

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